019 - Mommy Story

Nama Inisiator

Leonardus Gazali


Teknologi Mandiri Indonesia

Deskripsi Proyek

The mommy story is the hub between mommy, health care service providers and the product & service market. The mommy will have the one-stop-answer to all their need in their having-kids journey

Tipe Konten

1. Web Application
2. Mobile Application

Masalah yang Diangkat

New families always face the problem while deciding to having kids. Their lack of experience are usually interferences by some myths and knowledge that not well proved. The doctors usually concerned about the health of the mommy and the baby if the information is wrongly and may affect their health as well.


Our product, AELL, is the hub between patients and health-care service providers. The mommy-story is our new sub that focused on pregnancy-related patients. However, the mommy-story will not just for the health-issue but also to any events / activities related to it.

Strategi Distribusi

1. By marketing sales force in the hospitals / puskesmas
2. By advertisement to the printed media (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
3. By social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.)
4. By seminars & exhibitions
5. By government endorsement

Optimalisasi Piranti Lunak:

1. Interactive application
2. Smart Quizzes & Games
3. Social media endorsement
4. Government endorsement

Target Pengguna / Penerima Manfaat

New families, mommies, babies & kids, government, health care providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, etc.), manufacturers, in worldwide

Kuantitas Output Konten


Indikator Sukses

1. At least 500 subscriber in 3 months with 5000 in a year
2. At least 30 hospitals participated in 6 months
3. At least 100 manufacturers participated in 6 months
4. Support from national and local government


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Rp. 3 Milyar

Durasi Proyek

9 Bulan